What we do


Asare Research Development LLC was established in 2018 and is the successor to the consulting firm Macleod Asare Chan, founded in 2007. AR+D is a full-service research and development company. We use systematic activity combining basic and applied research methodologies to discover and build solutions to business and social problems. We are sector agnostic and have worked on projects ranging from public policy research to computer hardware design and development.

Our philosophy is based on first principles of thinking. We begin with seeking to understand clients’ unmet needs, and thorough analysis and research, concepts are developed, prototyping and experimentation will occur and create solutions to problems.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

DEI work is critical to any organization and has been at the forefront of AR+D since its inception. We value diversity and are culturally empathetic to all of our client's needs. AR+D also understands that our staff members and clients may be at the intersection of many identities that form their view of the world, which brings a wealth of knowledge to our firm.

We are serious about our responsibility to contribute to DEI work and encourage all members of our firm to engage in this critical work. We also organize specific opportunities and events to ensure everyone has an opportunity to explore DEI topics.

Global Reach

Our firm prides itself on having an international set of sensibilities, and global reach. We have support coverage in all major time zones and have in-house language capabilities that include working in English, Spanish, French, Korean, and Chinese.

We also have translations services that can support 145 additional languages. AR+D's partners and staff conduct daily meetings across time zones, and cultures with the appropriate sensitivities to different client workflows. We maintain the highest international standards. Top companies and governments across the globe choose us because we deliver solutions to complex problems, on time and on budget.